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  BLUTHNER Piano For Sale

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Upright Bluthner


A beautiful sounding Bluthner Upright Piano of the highest quality, dated 1910. A great instrument to play and in perfect working order, it still benefits from having most of its original parts which have been lovingly restored. It is fully regulated and has just been tuned to Concert Pitch. It has a velvet tone with a potent bass register and clean thin treble. Original ivory keys, soundboard, bridges and frame. A true family heirloom by one of the greatest German piano makers of all time. Ideal for all levels of player, from beginner to advanced.


Comes with a New Adjustable Concert Stall

6 Month Warranty

Free Delivery within 20 Miles of TN12 Kent. Further at your cost

Serial Number: 81385

Builder Signature and Number: 23173


Further pictures available on request


Width 149cm

Height 130cm

Depth 74cm








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